Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill

Rs. 33,010 Rs. 47,592
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Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill
Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill
Rs. 33,010 Rs. 47,592


Afton 4 in 1 Motorized treadmmill

Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill is one of the top brands of the Treadmills. Since Fitness is crucial for your happiest life, if there is Afton treadmill in your house, you need not go to the gym.

Many people join in the gym to keep themselves fit. Because of their hectic schedule who do not find time to go to the gym, these Motorized Afton Treadmills are an excellent choice.

The latest price of the Afton M5 Motorized treadmill can be available here.The model number of this treadmill is M5. Find and compare the low price of Afton M5 Treadmill in different Online websites. The latest price of M5 treadmill on November 28th, 2016 is given in this website.

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Afton M5 4 in 1 Motorized [email protected] Best Price in India

  • The Afton Motorised 4 in 1 treadmill with massager is a unique product from Afton.
  • Afton M5 Treadmills are equipped to fulfill all your fitness needs.
  • There are many features in Afton Motorized M5 treadmill.
  • The Afton company provides 1-year warranty for Frame and motor. The company also gives 1-year warranty for the Deck and Massager.
  • The detailed explanation of the features is discussed below. Know the best price of the Afton M5 motorized Treadmill.

Afton M5 Treadmill


  • The dimensions of Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill are 154.5 x 73.5 x26 cm.
  • The weight of this treadmill is 50 Kg, but it can handle 100 Kgs on it.
  • The Afton is a motorized treadmill works on DC motor rating about 1.75 HP. The speed range of motor is 0-12km/hrs.
  • For safety purpose, a safety lock is provided. For easy portability, soft drop cylinder wheels are fixed at the bottom of the treadmill. It has 12 programs in LCD window.
  • It includes the main frame of the treadmill, hand rail, and console.


Running surface

  • The dimensions of the running surface are 400mm x 1200mm.
  • The running board is made of high-density, high elasticity, and high-intensity Fibre material.
  • On this running surface, a person with 100 Kgs can do exercise on it.
  • You can choose up to 10 levels of power incline settings to customize your workouts.



  • The Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill comes with a massager,a twister, and sit-up.
  • The Afton treadmill has high elasticity and gives you a high-intensity workout.
  • The attached massager is useful for full body massage they also provide twister along the machine.


LCD Screen & Convenience

  • The LCD screen is used to give the live readings of your pulse, distance, speed, heart rate, and Calories burnt.
  • You can choose the manual mode or 12 preloaded workout programs.
  • The Afton 4 in 1 Motorized treadmill comes with safety lock system and a soft drop cylinder.
  • This treadmill is also portable.


Massager and Wheels

  • The Afton M5 treadmill can also be used as a massager.
  • Simple compactness is guaranteed by the delicate drop barrel wheels at the base.
  • These two features burn unwanted calories in your body,and also helpful to lose the additional weight.


Other Features

  • The additional features of the Afton M5 4 in 1 Motorized treadmill are it can be foldable. So it can easily carry from one room to another.
  • The heart sensor in this treadmill used to count heart rate.
  • The Afton device has the emergency stopper.
  • In addition to this Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill, has fast touch speed and quick touch incline and also backlight features.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) How much inclination is possible for this treadmill?

With this treadmill up to 10 level power inclination is possible.

2) Can a person of 110 Kgs use this treadmill?

No, these Treadmills only supports 100 kgs.

3) Is there any Warranty for Afton M5 treadmill?

The Afton Company provides 1-year warranty for all its products.

4) How many belts are provided with this Machine?

The Company provides only one belt.

5) Can I change inclination while I am just running with the switch?

No, this treadmill is automatic inclination. In the left handle, there is control button to press for inclination while running.

6) Is it suitable for both men and women?

Yes, Afton Treadmill is suitable for entire family.

Why should you buy Afton M5 Motorized treadmill?

  • Afton 4 in 1 Motorized Treadmill offer the highest integrity in construction and components making them miles ahead of the competition in both value and price.
  • The Afton 4 in 1 treadmill is suitable for the whole family.
  • It has an automatic inclination which is awesome especially when you wish to raise your work.
  • The design is good and compact.
  • The best thing is portability. It can carry from one room to other room alone by folding and also by using wheels.

Why should you not buy Afton M5 Motorized treadmill?

  • The disadvantage in this Motorized treadmill is its size. It occupies large space in your room.
  • This device is not suitable for small rooms or small houses.
  • The price of the Afton Treadmill is also a little bit more.

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Afton M5 motorized Treadmill has unique features. It has 4 in 1 motorized treadmill. It has an automatic inclination which is awesome especially when you wish to raise your work

  • Power incline
  • Portable
  • 12 - programs
  • Suitable for the entire family
  • High Price
  • Occupies large space
  • Maximum weight is 100 Kg.
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