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APC BX600CI-IN UPS Best Price in India

Do you worry about your computer dying on uninterrupted Power Cuts? Buy the APC BX600CI-IN UPS at lowest Price.

This APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS Provides Backup Power to your computers and laptops with an automatic voltage regulator.

You can check the latest & best price of APC Back-UPS on November 28th, 2016 from the above available sites. APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS is reliable and light in weight.

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APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS Overview

  • You may not worry about the sudden interruption of your important document during the Power Cuts with the usage of APC BX600CI-IN UPS.
  • The Voltage of 230V is required as the input and even protects the secondary electronic gadgets with the same battery power for APC-Back UPS.
  • The battery used is suspended electrolyte type in APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS and does not need maintenance.


APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS Design

  • The APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS has a battery type of suspended electrolyte.
  • The Automatic Voltage Regulator is an inbuilt feature of APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS that corrects the low voltages during the voltage fluctuations.
  • The LED Indicators are available in this UPS along with the Battery Charging Indicator.
  • The APC-Back UPS has Alarms that are audible with automatic self-test option.



  • The APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS has an inbuilt battery which is made of lead acid battery with suspended electrolyte type.
  • The battery is secure and does not subject to leaks. The APC BX600CI-IN UPS battery has the capability to charge fast with the protection from the voltage fluctuations.
  • You can know the battery charging and full charge symbol in APC-Back UPS through the battery charging indicator.



  • APC-Back UPS works with the input voltage of 230V with an input frequency of 47 Hz to 63 Hz.



  • The nominal output voltage of APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS is 230V. The output power capacity is 600 VA with change over time of 10 Minutes.



  • The APC BX600CI-IN UPS protects your data and hardware through backup at the time of surges, power outages and spikes.
  • The Inbuilt Automatic Voltage Regulator in the APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS helps to protect the electronic devices from the voltage fluctuations.
  • The Battery Power of APC-Back UPS is not reduced through the spikes to run secondary electronic devices.


LED Indicator

  • The Status of the power is displayed through the LED Indicator in APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS.


Additional Features

  • The APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS provides audible alarm during the changing utility power notifications.
  • The APC-Back UPS has the additional feature of automatic self-test, which periodically tests the battery for any defects.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Warranty Period of APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS ?

The APC Company provides two years warranty for this UPS.

2) Is LED Indicator is available for APC Back-UPS ?


3) What is the Input Voltage required for APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS ?


4) Is the Alarm is audible for this UPS ?


5) Is this APC 600VA UPS is useful for PC and LED Tv ?

Yes, provides a backup of 15 to 20 minutes.

6) Can we use this UPS for modem and router ?


7) Does the battery is included in the APC UPS ?

Yes, no need to buy the battery separately.

Why should you buy APC BX600CI-IN UPS ?

  • You can buy the APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS for the Safety features and its control panel.
  • By the use of Automatic Self Test option, you can detect the replaceable Battery.
  • The APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS protects your data at the time of power and voltage fluctuations, spikes and surges.
  • The battery Saver of APC Back-UPS increases the battery life.

Why should you not buy APC BX600CI-IN Back-UPS ?

  • The Power Cord length of APC BX600CI-IN 600VA 230V UPS is not long enough. The Battery Backup will not last for an hour.

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Best Backup Protection UPS

Protects electronic devices from surges, spikes with inbuilt battery available at low price.

Transfer Time
Output Power Wattage
  • Protects Data from Fluctuations.
  • Better Battery Life.
  • Automatic Self-Test for Battery.
  • LED Indicator.
  • Power Cord Length.
  • Battery Backup.
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