Hero Octane Mercury 26T 21 Speed Gear Bicycle (Green & Black)

Rs. 7,896 Rs. 8,490
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Hero Octane Mercury 26T 21 Speed Gear Bicycle (Green & Black)
Hero Octane Mercury 26T 21 Speed Gear Bicycle (Green & Black)
Rs. 7,896 Rs. 8,490

Hero Octane Price List in India

Hero Octane Mercury 26T Bicycle Price in India

Nowadays burning of Calories is the major issue for many people. Use of Hero Octane Mercury 26T Bicycle gives the permanent solution for this problem. Among different cycle brands, Hero is the top most brand in manufacturing cycles.

The Hero Octane Cycle model number is Mercury V1. The speed of this cycle is 21 km/hr. This Octane Bicycle is also perfect for mountain riding.

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26t Hero Cycles Octane Price in India

  • In present days, most of the people are not using the cycle.
  • By using Hero Octane Mercury V21 Bicycle there are many advantages.
  • The Hero company do not provide any warranty for its products.
  • The low price of the Hero Octane Mercury bicycle and the features of the Octane 21 speed gear cycle are discussed in detailed below.
  • The Graphics in Octane 21 speed gear Bicycle is styled to match the taste of extremely demanding Youth.



  • Hero Octane Mercury V1 Bicycle is an amazing 21-speed gear cycle. It is mostly suitable for adults.
  • The Weight of the Octane 21 speed gear cycle is 18 Kgs.
  • The dimensions of this cycle are width 9.8 x depth 53.5 x height 26.7 inches.
  • The Octane 21 speed gear bike has a 7-speed freewheel. The Octane V1 cycle is equipped with Shimano Revoshifter gear.
  • The forks in Octane cycle are Suspension Type Mountain Bike Forks.

Hero Octane Mercury V1 SMUY26GYGN01 Mountain Cycle(Green, Black)


  • The frame of the Octane bicycle is lightweight Aluminium/Steel Super – Shox Suspension Mountain Bike frame.
  • Hero Octane Cycles is Swing arm rear triangle with the maintenance-free full suspension system.
  • The frame of this bicycle is made with High strength aluminum alloy AL – 6061 first quadrant material.
  • The Flexural Rigidity Beautiful Pulse TIG welding gives great attraction.



  • The Mudguards of Octane bicycle are specially designed resin molded MTB type Fenders.
  • They protect the bicycle from the mud.
  • These mudguards act as the protection cover.



  • 2 Derailleurs are present in Octane mercury 21 Speed gear cycle.
  • They are front and the rear. The brakes are V-Brakes on the front and rear.
  • The Mercury Octane cycle uses alloy on the front and steel on the rear derailleurs.
  • The front derailleurs are Shimano right up to the pull.
  • The rear derailleurs are Shimano direct install index.



  • The handles of the Hero Octane mercury 26T bicycle is designed as per the latest international trends.
  • The Direct Fork stem is mounting on the handle stem for added safety.
  • The handle of this bicycle is user-friendly and is designed like Mountain Bike Handle.
  • The handle of the Mercury V1 Octane bicycle has Soft and comfortable Synthetic Resin Grips.


Chainwheel Crank

  • The design of Chain wheel and Crank of the Hero Octane Cycle is Unique.
  • The dimensions of the wheel are 24 x 34 x 42T.
  • The most attractive feature is that it has Built-in resin molded attractive trouser guard.



  • The Octane bicycle is well equipped with the front disc brake and ultra effective V-Cantilever rear break.
  • For an efficient and perfect breaking, Hero company uses Resin molded steel reinforced brake levers.
  • Hero Octane Mercury 26T Bicycle uses friction free cables.


Wheels and Gear System

  • The Mercury 21 speed gear cycle has wide tires of 26 x 2.35 size.
  • It has 36 Hole black Alloy hubs and Alloy rims.
  • There are two gears they are front and rear gears.
  • The gear system used in this bicycle is Rapid fire 21 Speed Shimano Gear system.


Saddle, Pedals, and Stand

  • The Octane Hero Mercury 26T Bicycle has comfortable MTB style PU padded saddle.
  • For quick adjustment of seat height, a quick release system is also present.
  • The pedals are Molded PP body with steel balls, with 9/16″ Axle with reflectors.
  • The stand of this Mercury V1 bicycle is made of steel with automatic lock.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) My weight is 100 Kgs. Can I use this Octane Bicycle ?

Yes, there is no weight limit for this bicycle.

2) Does Hero Octane Mercury 26T Bicycle has seat adjustment ?

Yes, you can adjust the seat.

3) Is there any warranty for Hero Cycles Octane ?

No, the Hero company did not provide any warranty.

4) Will assembled cycle be delivered or not?

No, this cycle can’t be sent in assembled position you have manage it with some cycle mechanic.

5) Does this cycle suitable for Beginners level?

No, this bicycle is not suitable for Beginners level. This is only for Intermediate level learners.

6) Does this cycle used for sports purpose?

Yes, you can use it for sports as well as mountain riding purpose.

7) Which type of mudguard is used in Hero Octane Mercury 26T Bicycles?

Fly type mudguard are used in Hero Bicycles.

Why should you buy Hero Octane Mercury Bicycle ?

  • The Hero Mercury V1 21 speed gear Bicycle is very easy to handle.
  • It has many advanced features.
  • You can also do exercises with this bicycle & Hero Octane Price in India is low which attracts the customers to buy the cycle without a second thought.
  • Octane Bicycle is the best medicine for burning fat and calories etc.,
  • You can ride this octane bicycle to any place like mountains, gravel roads etc.

Why should you not buy Hero Octane Mercury Bicycle ?

  • The cost of the Hero Octane Mercury V1 21 speed gear cycle is little more.
  • It occupies more space in your house.

8.5 Total Score

This Hero Octane Mercury V1 21- Speed gear cycle is easy to handle. It has many applications - for mountain riding, Sports, Health purpose, etc. Hero Octane bicycles are eco - friendly.

  • User - friendly
  • Easy to learn
  • High-Quality Material
  • The saddle is PU saddle.
  • High Cost
  • Occupies more space
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