3000 Lumens Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector

Rs. 32,500 Rs. 39,000
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3000 Lumens Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector
3000 Lumens Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector
Rs. 32,500 Rs. 39,000

Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector Latest Price @ India

Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector is an economic projector mainly used for classroom and office purpose. By using this Hitachi projector, the user can view presentation slides, PC documents, images and videos on a big screen.

The Hitachi CP-DX300 has advanced modes for energy saving purpose such as auto ON /OFF mode. DLP Hitachi CP-DX300 offers exceptional reliability, high brightness. With HDMI port you can connect multiple AV devices.

Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector attracts users with its stylish and simple design. The resolution of the 3000 lumens Hitachi projector is XGA (1024×768) pixels which will ideally match your laptop/ desktop resolution.

CP-DX300 Hitachi uses the leading DLP technology specially designed for students to improve educational experience. Hence, learning will become more easier if you have the Hitachi CP-DX300 projector at your classroom or in office.

Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector Lowest Price Online

  • Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector is one of the best projector which is easy to use and reliable projector.
  • Below are the features, that are to be considered before purchasing a projector which includes design, Brightness, resolution of the screen, the technology used in the projector.
  • 1-chip DLP Hitachi projector has high color reproductivity which gives better colors when displaying content. Fetch the lowest price of Hitachi DLP CP-DX300 Projector online on December 10th, 2018.
  • The Hitachi CP-DX300 is an easily controlled device because of its simple design. Display screen size of Hitachi CP-DX300 is 30″ to 300″.



  • The Hitachi CP-DX300 has a simple design and packed with various features.
  • Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector is a lightweight projector weighs around 2.5kgs.
  • This is a compact projector which you can carry either to the classroom or an office easily.
  • The speaker present inside the Hitachi CP-DX projector is a 2W * 1 monaural speaker.



  • This Hitachi CP-DX300 projector uses one chip DLP technology.
  • To produce color this 1-chip DLP technology uses a spinning color wheel which produces a lower color light output.
  • The Hitachi CP-DX300 has XGA (1024×768) 4:3 screen resolution.



  • Brightness is a considerable factor before buying a projector.
  • For an ideal projector the brightness should be in between 2000 to 4000 lumens.
  • The brightness of Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector is 3000 lumens, which is ideal for classroom and office meetings.


Contrast Ratio of Hitachi Projector

  • Contrast ratio is an essential factor which gives brightest white than the darkest black.
  • You can get incredibly rich and crystal clear detail if the contrast ratio is high.
  • The contrast ratio of Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector is 2500 : 1


Resolution of Hitachi DX300 projector

  • The resolution indicates the number of pixels present in the images horizontally and vertically.
  • If the resolution is high then You can see clear and detailed images or videos while projecting.
  • The resolution of Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector is XGA (1024 *768) pixels.



Frequently Asked Questions


1)What is the Screen resolution ?

Ans: Hitachi Projector has XGA (1024 x 768) screen resolution.

2)Can I connect Hitachi CP-DX300 with the desktop ?

Ans: Yes, you can connect Hitachi CP-DX300 with the desktop.

3) What is the brightness of the Hitachi DLP Projector ?

Ans: The brightness of this Hitachi Projector has 2600 – 3000 lumens.

4) What are the accessories that I can get with this device ?

Ans: The accessories you will get are Remote control with battery (HL02961), Computer cable, Power cord, User manual (CD-ROM & printed sheet).

5) What is the warranty on the product ?

Ans: Hitachi company gives 3 years warranty for the projector and 6 months warranty for lamp.

6) What is the lamp life of Hitachi projector?

Ans: The lamp life of Hitachi Projector is 6000 hours.

7) What is the technology inside Hitachi DX-102 Projector?

Ans: The technology of Hitachi protector is 0.55 single chip DLP projector technology.

8) What are the dimensions and weight of 3000 Lumens Hitachi DLP Projector?

Ans: The dimensions and weight of DLP Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector are 265 x 81.5 x 223mm and 2.2kgs.

Why should you buy Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector ?

  • Hitachi DX300 is a light-weight projector which you can carry into classroom or office conveniently.
  • Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector is an easy to use projector due to its user friendly remote controlling.
  • CP-DX300 Hitachi Projector consumes less than 0.5W power in standby mode.
  • The brightness for Hitachi is 3000 lumens projector which is great and sufficient even for large auditoriums.

Why should not buy Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector ?

  • Hitachi CP-DX300 DLP Projector Doesn’t have WiFi option.
  • For small distances, It is difficult to adjust focus.
  • We can’t zoom rather than 1.1x

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The Hitachi CP-DX300 Projector is a compact and reliable projector that delivers images and videos at a High brightness of 3000 lumens.

Contrast Ratio
Easy to use
  • High Brightness
  • Durable Lamp Life
  • Compact projector
  • Easy-to-use
  • Difficult to adjust focus
  • Zoom upto 1.1x only
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