Nova NG 1090 Grooming Kit

Rs. 1,239 Rs. 2,795
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Nova NG 1090 Grooming Kit
Nova NG 1090 Grooming Kit
Rs. 1,239 Rs. 2,795

Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit For Men @ Lowest Price

Want to buy the Best Groomer in India at Lowest Price? Then the Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit is the Best Choice. Know the Latest Price List of Nova NG 1090 Trimmer at Online Shopping Websites.

If you are tired of going out with a blemished face then definitely you should buy a grooming kit like Nova NG 1090 Grooming trimming kit. This Nova Trimming Groomer not only prevents from the risk of cuts and injuries but also make you look smart and handsome every day.

This Nova NG 1090 is a 7 in 1 grooming kit that comes with multiple accessories which remove your hair gently. Thus, you can try various beard styles with this Nova NG 1090 Trimming Groomer Kit.

Nova Grooming Kit NG 1090 For Men Trimmer Features

  • The Nova 7 in 1 Multi grooming kit offers an UltraTrack blade which cuts your facial hair without any effort.
  • Nova Groomer is a cordless shaver and trimmer which provides a free floating head and multiple attachments.
  • The Nova NG 1090 offers a brush that helps to clean the shaver without any difficulty.
  • This Nova trimming Groomer is able to make your body hair and facial hair stylish in any pattern.
  • By this Nova NG 1090 you can get the closest shave as a trimmer. It also offers a body groom shaver which is designed for the comfortable shave below the neck also.


Multi-Functional Kit

  • Now you can try the latest styles and everything with the Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit.
  • You can able to make the short stubble from the long beards easily with this Nova NG 1090 trimmer.
  • Nova Multi-Functional grooming kit offers a 1-year warranty which makes the trimmer as an efficient choice for grooming.
  • A rechargeable battery used in this Nova Groomer charges quickly.
  • Without any complication, this chargeable battery gives you hours of output.


Easy Grip

  • The Nova NG 1090 is ergonomically designed groomer kit that comes with a comfortable handle.
  • While shaving with this comfortable handle of this Nova trimmer, It offers the user firm grip.
  • Nova NG 1090 is an amazing grooming kit which is a body shaver too.
  • This Body Shaver helps to shave your skin below neck very gently.



  • High-precision Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit offers a precise trimming which helps you to deep and fine shaving.
  • By this Nova Trimmer, you can change your look according to your selected choice.


Stainless Steel Blades

  • Nova NG 1090 is a high-quality grooming kit which has stainless steel blades.
  • These Stainless Steel Blades makes the Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit durable and high performance.
  • Stainless Steel Blades are heat treated blades that are composed of titanium steel which promises you safety completely.



  • Nova NG 1090 Trimming Groomer Kit has a rechargeable battery which makes the trimmer convenient to use.
  • The battery can be charged before using trimming and use the trimmer without any irritation while shaving.
  • This rechargeable battery of Nova trimmer gets charged within 300 minutes and gives a long lasting output.


Clip-on Rotary

  • Nova NG 1090 Groomer Kit offers a clip-on rotary feature which allows you to trim and clean your nose hair easily.
  • The Nova trimmer also has a detail foil shaver which helps you to shave facial hair finely for a polished look.



  • Easily adjustable Nova grooming kit offers an adaptable trimmer which can change the trimmer size according to your desired length.
  • There are 6 different adjustable sizes for this Nova 1090 grooming trimmer ensures that you can maintain your beard hassle free.


Stylish look

  • Nova NG 1090 Grooming Trimmer Kit has a trendy and stylish design which makes the trimmer perfect for your grooming.
  • The hypo-allergenic foil is involved in this Nova 1090 Trimmer which offers shiny and smooth shaving within minutes.


Other Important Features

  • The stylish and compact Nova 1090 Grooming kit is a lightweight trimmer and portable easily from one place to another.
  • This cordless Nova Grooming Trimming NG 1090 Kit is easy to use since it offers a mess-free shaving without any problem of injury and shocks.
  • You can attach the cord when needs charging and again it can detach before use.
  • You can clean the trimmer without effort with flowing water.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is Nova 1090 trimmer waterproof ?

Yes. Nova 1090 trimmer is waterproof.

2) Is the Nova 1090 Trimmer durable?

Yes, the Nova 1090 rechargeable trimmer is durable.

3) Is Nova 1090 groomer is easy to use?

Yes. This Nova Groomer is easy to use.

4) Can this Nova NG 1090 Grooming trimmer use for nose hair trim?

Yes. This Rechargeable Nova NG 1090 trimmer can use for nose trimming also.

5) Can i Use it for shaving?

Yes. You can use it for shaving.

6) Is Nova NG 1090 Groomer cordless?

Yes, this is both cord and cordless.

7) Is there any need to apply shaving cream when shaving?

No. There is no need to apply the shaving cream for this Nova trimmer.

8) How can i charge this Nova 1090 grooming trimmer?

You can charge this Nova trimmer by electric source.

9) Is the Nova Groomer NG 1090 washable?

Yes. This Nova NG 1090 is washable.

10) What is the warranty on this Nova Grooming trimmer?

A 1-year warranty is provided on this Nova Groomer.

Why should you buy Nova NG 1090 Trimming Grooming Kit?

  • This Trimmer comes with High Quality.
  • Smooth and shiny trimming.
  • It comes with Multiple Attachments.

Why should not you buy Nova NG 1090 Trimming Grooming Kit?

  • There is no auto overload off in this Nova NG 1090 Trimmer.

9 Total Score
Lovely product

The Nova NG 1090 is a 7 in 1 Grooming Trimmer which helps to look stylish and comes with many attachments.

Cordless and Rechargeable
Lock in Length
  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Multi Groomer
  • Attachments
  • No Auto Overload off
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  1. What are the diff length supported in trimmer.
    Is it like have to use diff cap for diff length?
    Want feedback to go for buy or not.

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