Onida 23 L Smart Chef Convection Microwave Oven M023CWS11S

Rs. 12,990
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Onida 23 L Smart Chef Convection Microwave Oven M023CWS11S
Onida 23 L Smart Chef Convection Microwave Oven M023CWS11S
Rs. 12,990

Preparing food for office potlucks, picnics, and family dinner can become a whole lot easier if you invest in this Onida convection microwave oven. Featuring 66 Auto Cook Menus, this oven allows you to easily cook a wide range of delicious food. Features like Integrated Calorie Meter ensures that...

Onida 23 L Smart Chef microwave oven M023CWS11S

Onida 23 L Smart Chef microwave oven M023CWS11S is one of the best microwave ovens to experience a tasty food in a healthy way. It has automatic features that help to cook food perfectly.

Onida convection microwave has 66 auto cook menus which includes recipes of all states in India. Smart Chef grill power 23 Liter Onida microwave oven has an integrated weighing scale to gauge the weight of all ingredients.

So you don’t need to measure the ingredients with a tablespoon. The Onida Smart Chef M023CWS11S 23 L Microwave Oven has a steam clean and deodorizes function which is hygiene for you. Onida 23 L smart chef has an express cooking microwave design with ten different power levels for grilling and cooking. Compare this Oven Best Price in India December 11th, 2018.

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Onida 23 L Smart Chef microwave oven M023CWS11S Overview

  • The Onida 23 L Smart Chef microwave oven M023CWS11S (Black) has a designer door with five power levels, express cooking that cooks food quickly.
  • 23 L Onida microwave ovens defrost enable you to defrost meat, fish, bread, cake, and fruits.
  • Onida 23 L Smart Chef microwave oven has convection power-1200 watts, flat tact button, operating voltage of 230 volts, output power of 800 watts.


Integrated weighing meter

  • The process of cooking becomes easy when we know the quantity of the product.
  • So this Onida black microwave oven has an integrated weighing meter which calculates the weight of the ingredients as per the serving size.


Auto Cooking menu feature

  • Onida M023CWS11S oven has 66 auto cook menus of all Indian state recipes.
  • This oven automatically sets power, time and select the type mode i.e. (grill, solo) for cooking.


Integrated calorie meter

  • Smart Chef M023CWS11S microwave has inbuilt calorie count meter which gives you the calorie count in your recipes.
  • So you may choose the food that is healthier for your health.


Keeps food warm

  • This 23 L smart chef microwave oven keeps the food hot, so you can serve your food after some time without reheating it.


LED display

  • Onida 23 L Smart Chef M023CWS11S Microwave Oven have bright LED display that makes you use easier with more information on the screen.


Feather touch panel

  • Onida convection microwave oven was designed with a feather touch panel which gives the last response and easy to use the microwave oven.
  • It has flat tact button that makes easier to operate.


Ten convection temperature settings

  • Onida 23 Liter smart chef oven is designed with ten levels of heat adjustments which help you to adjust the power according to the recipe to be the grill.
  • It makes the user more flexible to use the Onida smart chef microwave oven.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this micro oven available in all colors?

No, only black.

2) Is there any extended warranty to Onida smart chef MO23CWS11S microwave oven?

No, only one year.

3)What are the parts that come with the warranty?

Parts and labor: covers under warranty against any defect arising out of faulty or defective material.

4) How can I check my recipes weight in a microwave oven?

You can check the weight of each ingredient in your recipe by inbuilt weighting meter.

5) What is the grill power of Onida microwave oven?

Grill power for Onida M023CWS11S is 1200 watts.

6) What is the power consumption of this Oven?

1200 watts.

Why Should You buy Onida 23 liter MO23CWS11S oven?

  • Onida is providing it’s signature product Smart Chef 23-liter microwave- MO23CWS11S oven with the extraordinary features.
  • Onida Microwave Oven has an inbuilt calorie counting meter which helps you to decide what to eat, which is good to eat that keeps health right.
  • It is providing the weight meter to calculate the recipe of the eater. It has child lock feature. So one can satisfy with the last features that it offers and can enjoy the food.

Why Should You not buy Onida 23 liter MO23CWS11S oven?

  • Onida 23L Smart Chef Oven is Expensive and power consumption is more.

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Fantastic Onida Smart Chef Microwave Oven

Onida 23 liters Smart Chef microwave oven is perfect for an Oven using for starters. It is very useful for cooking your food with its extraordinary features.

Power Consumption
Easy to Use
  • Inbuilt Weighting meter.
  • Inbuilt calorie meter.
  • 23-liter capacity.
  • 66 Auto cooking menus.
  • Expensive.
  • Power consumption is high.
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