Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier (floor)

Rs. 14,999 Rs. 19,995
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Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier (floor)
Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier (floor)
Rs. 14,999 Rs. 19,995

Breathe in fresh air and sleep like a baby no matter where you are, whether you are in your bedroom, service apartment or in a hotel room with this Philips air purifier. VitaShield Equipped with VitaShield Intelligent Purification system, this air purifier filters out even the tiniest of the...

Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier Best Price

Nowadays Air Purifier is one of the most useful things in our homes because of air pollution. Then order the Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier to purify the surrounding air at your home.

The Philips AC4014/04 Air Purifier has many advanced features that ensure purification of air at your home or office. This Philips Air Purifier keeps you and your family healthy.

This Philips Air Purifier AC1404/10 eliminate the human hair, pet hair, cigarette smoke, dust and other harmful pollutants which cause severe airborne diseases. Compare the lowest price of Philips AC4014/04 Air Purifier on December 10th, 2018.

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Philips AC4014/04 Air Purifier Over view

  • Breath fresh and pure air with this Philips Air Purifier. It comes with VitaSheild Intelligent Purification System.
  • Philips Air Purifier AC4140/04 has Smart Sensor that measures and controls the air quality.
  • AC4140/04 Philips Air Purifier has three step light indicators to show the level of air quality.
  • The Blue indicator shows good, Purple for Fair and Red for bad.
  • The Philips Company offers two years warranty on this best AC4140/40 Philips Air Purifier.


Philips Air Purifier AC4140/04 VitaSheild IPS Technology

  • The Philips Air Purifier AC4140/04 is designed with the VitaSheild IPS Technology. It is one of the best and advanced technology.
  • It effectively filters the ultrafine particles, viruses, bacteria, harmful allergens, etc.
  • This advanced VitaSheild IPS Technology Protect us from harmful air.


Air Purifier Filters

  • The AC4140/04 Philips Air Purifier has advanced air filtration system for air purification.
  • This Filtration system eliminates harmful agents in three stages.
  • In the first stage, the anti-bacterial pre-filter catches the big particles like pet hair, human hair etc.
  • In the second stage, the activated carbon filter removes harmful gas and odors.
  • Finally, in the third stage, the HEPA filter eliminates germs and mold.


Easy-To-Set Timer

  • The Philips Air Purifier has 1/4/8 Easy-To-Set Timer system.
  • This Easy-To-Set Timer protects the AC4140 purifier from unnecessary usage.
  • The Philips Air Purifier AC4140 will automatically stop the functioning when the set time completes.
  • Through this, the energy efficiency of the purifier increases.


Healthy Air Protect Alert

  • Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier comes with Healthy Air Protect Alert System.
  • This will stop the air purification functioning when the Filter is Filled.
  • Thus by this alert, we can replace the filter and can again start air purificaion.


Three Step Light Indicator

  • Philips Air Purifier AC4140 has Three Step Light Indicators system which indicates the quality of air supply.
  • The Blue color light indicator indicates the air supply is good.
  • There is a purple color light that indicates the fair air supply.
  • Finally, the red color indicator for bad air supply.

Price history for Philips AC4012/10 Portable Room Air Purifier(White)
Latest updates:
  • Rs. 14,999 - November 21, 2018
  • Rs. 17,595 - July 12, 2018
Since: July 12, 2018
  • Highest Price: Rs. 17,595 - July 12, 2018
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 14,999 - November 21, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does this Philips Air Purifier AC4140 produce Ozone?

It doesn’t produce Ozone.

2) Is there is any changes in room temperature while using this air purifier?

No. The Room Temperature doesn’t change.

3) How many filters used in this Philips Air Purifier?

There are totally three filters used in this AC4014/10 Philips Air Purifier/

4) How many watts of power is required to Philips Air Purifier?

Philips Air Purifier Ac4014/10 consumes 35 watts power.

5) What is the technology behind the Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier?

The technology behind Philips Air Purifier is VitaSheild IPS technology.

Why should you buy AC4014/10 Philips Air Purifier?

  • The AC4014/10 Philips Air Purifier is one of the power saving purifiers that is merged with many features. The Advanced VitaSheild IPS technology and three light indication system improve its efficiency.
  • Philips Air Purifier AC4014/10 included with smart sensor and timer system.
  • The Philips is giving with two years warranty on this AC4014/10 Air Purifier product.

Why should you not buy Philips Air Purifier?

  • We have to replace the filters for every two months.
  • Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier is expensive.

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This Philips AC4014/10 Air Purifier can produce the pure air by absorbing the micropollutants in room air. Thus, we can breath fresh and pure air.

Programmable Timer
Service Indicator
  • VitaSheild IPS Technology
  • Three Light Indication System
  • Fitness Sensors
  • 1/4/8 easy-to-set-timer
  • Filter replacement
  • Expensive
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