Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer

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About the ProductIts easy to flaunt beautifully styled hair as you use this Compact Hair Dryer from Philips. Allowing you to enjoy a smooth blow drying experience, this dryer is lightweight and portable. It also has a narrow concentrator that controls the air flow so that you get salon ready...

Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer Best Price in India

Are you wasting more time to dry your wet hair ? Do you want to come out with salon style silky hair ? Then let you know about this best Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer.

The HP8120 hair dryer will blow your hair and also helps to make your hair look stylish and silky within few minutes. Choose this Philips blow hair dryer to achieve dry hair with the range of styles and looks.

The Advanced features of this HP8120 Philips hair dryer are Thermo Protect Technology and 3 Set levels, 1.5 cm Cord. Along with these, it looks delighted and also makes your hair delight. Know the lowest price of Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer on September 20th, 2018.

Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer Latest Price

  • Prefer the Philips blow hair dryer to step up your fascination. The Philips HP8120 is one of the best hair dryers that makes your kinky hair into shiny and silky.
  • This Philips blow dryer does not employ much space. The blow hair dryer is very easy to carry for anywhere due to its compactable handle.
  • The worth notable feature with the HP8120 Philips hair dryer is Thermo Protect technology system. The Philips HP8120 hair dryer has three flexible speed selection option. Through this feature, we can style our hair with proper speed.
  • Its power cord length is 1.8 cm which is much appropriate for use.
  • The Philips is providing two years manufacturer guaranty on this product.


The HP8120 Philips Hair Dryer Design

  • The HP8120 Philips hair dryer looks very smart. It is the best hair dryer that comes with two settings, i.e., Thermo Protect Technology and three-speed level options.
  • The Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer is compact in design so we can carry the product along with us to anywhere.
  • The Philips HP8120 has become familiar with its accurate efficiency.


Nozzle Concentrator

  • The most advanced element in the Philips hair dryer is Nozzle Concentrator. Thus, This concentrator is used to focus the air on the specific places.
  • With this advanced feature in Philips Hair Dryer, your hair will dry fast through the uniform hot air.
  • It will also improve the efficiency of the Philips blow dryer.


Three Heat Levels

  • The Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer is designed with three Heat levels. Those are warm, cold & heat.
  • For compact hairstyles, the Philips Hair Dryer offers higher speed levels. So we can choose any of the levels which is suitable for the particular hair style.
  • This will protect our hair from damage.


Power and Cord

  • The Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer comes with the 1.8 cm cord which is not tangle anymore.
  • It makes much comfortable in regular use.
  • The best advantage of the Philips hair dryer is it consumes only 1200 watts power.


Lowest Price of the HP8120 Philips hair dryer in India

  • The HP8120 hair dryer is one of the Philips Product.
  • The product weight is 381 grams. Philips is giving two years manufacture warranty on this HP8120 hair dryer.
  • The Philips blow dryer consumes 1200 watts.



Frequently Asked Questions


1.Can we replace the hair dryer ?

Ans Yes, we can replace the Philips hair dryer within 10 days.

2. Is this product produce cool air ?

Ans Yes, Philips HP8120 blow dryer can produce cool air also.

3. Can we use this in hair styling ?

Ans Yes, We can use this hair dryer to style our hair.

4. Is it have the heater ?

Ans Yes. This hair dryer has inbuilt heater.

5. Can we continuously use this hair dryer upto 10 minutes ?

Ans No. we can use this upto 5-6 minutes.

Why should you buy Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer ?

  • Philips HP8120 is one of the best hair drying product in India. It is awesome because it is designed with advanced features which are not available in any other product.
  • The HP8120 Philips hair dryer becomes best because it has three heat selection levels. Due to these features, this hair dryer protects hair from damage.
  • The main advantage is Philips HP8120 Hair Dryer is available in reasonable cost along with advanced features and high power consumption.

Why should you not buy Philips hair dryer HP8120 ?

  • The power consumption of HP8120 Philips hair dryer is high.
  • This Philips hair dryer leaves high noise.

8.5 Total Score

Philips HP8120 hair dryer is best because it has three heat selection levels & Thermo protection system. Due to these features, this hair dryer protects hair from damage

Cord length
Heat Levels
  • Thermo Protect system
  • Three heat selection levels
  • Compact in Size
  • Safe & Easy
  • Expensive
  • Power consumption is high
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