Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener (Black)

Rs. 1,624 Rs. 2,095
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Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener (Black)
Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener (Black)
Rs. 1,624 Rs. 2,095

Designed to help you straighten your hair with ease is this Philips HP8310 Hair Straightener. This straightening iron will leave your hair looking good and at the same time won’t damage it. Ceramic plates The ceramic plates of this hair straightener make sure that your hair looks smooth and...

Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener Price

Prefer the Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener to get straight and silky hair. Through this 8310 Philips Hair Straightener, we can make salon style hair at our homes instantly. This Philips Hair Straightener will give a stylish look to any hair.

This 8310 Philips hair straightener will straight the hair by the Ion conditioning. The Ion conditioning is such a fabulous technology that can make shine, frizz free hair. The Ceramic plate design will stretch the hair with uniform temperature. Thus, all these advanced features in Hair straightener will make the straight and silky hair without any damage.

The advanced key features in the 8310 Hair Straightener are Ion Conditioning, Ceramic plate design, Swivel Cord, Rapid heat up, secure lock, automatic shut down, 210 degrees Professional temperature, etc. Compare the Lowest price Price of Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener on December 17th, 2018 and buy online.

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Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener overview

  • The 8310 Philips hair straightener is developed with many advanced features to give straight and healthy hair for everyone. It is very light weight, i.e., 579 grams that can easy to carry to anywhere.
  • The hair straightening is done by the ion condition and ceramic plates. Both of them can make the hair straight and silky without any hot spots.
  • The Philips hair straightener can run on dual voltage. So this hair straightener works any universal voltage. The power consumption of this Philips hair straightener is 45 watts.
  • The 8310 Philips hair straightener will straight the hair at 210 degrees professional high heat. This high heat will result in salon style look to the hair. So we can get stylish silky hair without visiting the salon.
  • Along with all these 8310 hair straightener comes with easy lock for convenient storage. Philips is providing tow years warranty on this 8310 hair straightener.


Ion Conditioning

  • The most advanced feature with in this philips hair straightener is ion conditioning.
  • The Ion Conditioning in the 8310 Philips hair straightener can protect the hair from high heat.
  • Through this ion conditioning, 8310 hair straightener will give shiny, freez free hair.


Ceramic Plates

  • The another best advantage of the 8310 hair dryer is it plates are coated with ceramic.
  • Therefore ceramic plates will stretch the tangled hair with uniform temperature. This Philips hair straightener plate works smooth on hair.
  • The ceramic plates can prevent the hair from hot spots and also add some extra shine to the hair.
  • So, the hair will look straight and silky by using this 8310 hair straightener.
  • The length of the Philips hair straightener is 26*90 mm. Thus, Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener can straight any type of hair.


Swivel Cord

  • The 8310 hair straightener has Swivel cord technology.
  • The Swivel technology can rotate the cord in 360 degrees.
  • The Philips 8310 straightener has 1.8 cm cable which is much appropriate for regular use.
  • Swivel cord technology can prevent the cord from tangles.


Automatic shut off

  • If we forget to remove the power supply, we need not fear about the hair straightener.
  • Because this 8310 hair straightener has auto shutoff feature. It will automatically shut off after 60 minutes.
  • This will improve the lifetime of the hair straightener.


Rapid Heat up time

  • We can straight our hair instantly with this 8310 Philips hair straightener.
  • Thus Philips hair straightener can ready to straighten the hair within 60 seconds.
  • It will heat up to 210 degrees within one minute and ready to straighten.
  • The power usage of the 8310 hair straightener is 45 watts.

Price history for Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener(Black)
Latest updates:
  • Rs. 1,624 - December 14, 2018
  • Rs. 2,095 - October 15, 2018
Since: October 15, 2018
  • Highest Price: Rs. 2,095 - October 15, 2018
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 1,624 - December 14, 2018


Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long the hair will stay straight after straightening?

The hair will remain straight until next wash.

2) Does it have temperature control?

No, it doesn’t have any temperature control.

3) Is it applicable for damped hair?

No. don’t use it to damp and wet hair.

4) Is Philips providing any warranty to this straightener?

Yes. Philips is giving two years warranty on this product.

5) Is it curl the hair?

No. It can’t curl the hair.

6) Is it suitable for lengthy hair?

Yes. It is appropriate for any hair.

Why should you buy the 8310 Philips hair straightener?

  • The Philips HP8310/00 Hair Straightener will give salon style straight and silky hair.
  • The Advanced features will give healthy straighten to the hair.
  • This Philips hair straightener compact in size as well works on dual voltage.
  • So we can carry this to anywhere in the world,

Why should you not buy the 8310 hair straightener?

  • 8310 Philips hair straightener is expensive.
  • This Philips Hair Straightener does not contain temperature control.

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