Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener

Rs. 3,368 Rs. 4,495
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Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener
Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener
Rs. 3,368 Rs. 4,495

The New Philips Straight & Curl Gives You A Straight, Wavy And Curly Look While Being Gentler On Your Hair. Hair Care With 3x More Caring Styling Thanks To Ionic Conditioning, Silky Smooth Ceramic Plates And Digital Temperature Control

Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener Price

Nowadays Hair straightener is being a part of daily life. The Philips HP8345 hair straightener is one of the most advanced hair straighteners. This Philips hair straightener is designed with many foremost features. Along with all these, the HP8345 hair straightener is gentle to any hair type.

The HP8345 Philips Hair Straight & Curl gives Straight, wavy, and curly hair. The Ion conditioning and Ceramic Plates provide 3x more care to hair. Thermo-guard prevents the HP8345 hair straightener from excessive heat. Thus the lifetime of the hair straightener will improve.

The HP8345 Philips Straightener has become popular due to its key features. Those are Ion conditioning, Ceramic Straightening Plates, Auto Shutoff, Fast heat up time, 1.8-meter cord, etc. Compare the lowest price of the Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener on December 12th, 2018 and buy online.

Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener Overview

  • This Philips Hair Straightener has many extreme features. It can straight the hair with 230 degrees even professional high heat. At this high heat, the hair becomes straight and silky.
  • The HP8345 Hair Straightener grants 2x more care on hair through Ion conditioning and Ceramic plates. The rapid heat up time will save the time for dressing up.
  • This HP8345 Philips Straightener weight is 448 grams. It runs on any universal voltage. So, we can travel this Philips hair straightener to anywhere in the world.
  • Philips HP8435 Straightener comes with Digital heat setting. Thus we can straight the hair with suitable heat.
  • The Straightener has handle lock system. This lock system is used to lock the hair straightener plates for easy storage. The wider plates are designed to straight any hair type. Philips is giving two years manufacturer warranty on this 8345 hair dryer.


Ion Conditioning

  • Don’t be doubt about hair damage while using this Philips Hair straightener. It will obviously protect your hair from hot spots.
  • The HP8345 Hair Straightener has Ion conditioning system. This Ion conditioning produces the strong negative ions on hair.
  • This charged negative ions eliminate the static condition of hair and make it very smooth.
  • The result is we get salon style look at our homes instantly without visiting the salon.
  • The Ion conditioning provides 3x care on any hair type.


Ceramic Plates

  • The Plates in the HP8345 Hair straightener is coated with the ceramic.
  • Ceramic plates in Philips hair straightener can heat up quickly and Straight hair with an even temperature.
  • These plates work gently on hair as well protect the hair from hot spots.
  • The Philips 8345 Straightener Ceramic plates will also make wavy and smooth curls.
  • So, one straightener can act as both straightener and Curler.


Digital Heat Setting

  • The main advantage with this Philips Hair straightener is it has Digital Heat Setting.
  • We can vary the heat with this setting.
  • Thus we can straight or curly the hair with appropriate heat.
  • The result is we get smooth and silky stylish hair.


Fast Heat Up Time

  • We need not wait for a long time for straightening.
  • this 8345 hair straightener will ready to straighten within 30 seconds.
  • It will heat up to 230 degrees within 30 seconds.


Auto Switch-off

  • Philips hair straightener is it has automatically shut off feature.
  • This 8245 hair straightener will automatically shut off after 60 minutes.
  • Thus this feature will improve the efficiency of the Philips 8345 straightener.


Even Heat Distribution

  • The 8345 Philips Hair straightener is designed with EHD technology.
  • This Even heat distribution system distributes the heat evenly.
  • Hence this feature prevents the effects of excessive heat and any hot spots.
  • This gives additional protection to Philips hair straightener and keeps your hair healthy and shiny.


Swivel Cord

  • The Philips 8345 hair straightener comes with Swivel Cord technology.
  • This Swivel cord rotates the cord into 360 degrees and also protect the cable from tangles.
  • The 8345 Hair straightener cord length is 1.8 meters which is much appropriate for regular use.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it has teparature adujustament?

Yes. The Philips 8345 straightener has temperature adjustment system.

2) Can we use this Philips hair straightener on wet hair?

No. It is not recommended for wet hair.

3) Is this 8345 Philips hair straightener, compact?

Yes. This is very less in weight and compact in size.

4) Is Philips giving warranty on this hair straightener?

Yes. Philips is giving two years manufacturer warranty on this hair straightener.

5) Is it has the automatic shut off function?

Yes. This Philips hair straightener has automatic shut off feature.

6) Can I use it in abroad?

Yes. This Philips 8345 straightener can run any universal voltage. So we can use it in anywhere.

7) Can we use to curl the hair?

Yes. 8345 hair straightener can produce waves and smooth curls.

What should you buy Philips 8345 Hair Straightener?

  • The Philips 8345 Straightener can produce straight, wavy and smooth curls for any hair type.
  • This 8345 hair straightener is merged with many advanced features.
  • We can get silky and smooth salon style hair at our homes instantly.
  • The features in this Philips hair straightener will make stylish hair as well protect the hair.

What should you not buy 8345 Philips Hair Straightener?

  • The Philips HP8345 Hair Straightener is expensive.
  • The Body of the Straightener will get heat while using.

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the Philips 8345 Straightener can produce Straight, wavy and Smooth curls for any hair type. We can get silky and smooth salon style hair at our homes instantly. Features in this Philips hair straightener will make stylish hair as well protect the hair

Plate length
Heat Protection
Temparature Control
  • Ion Conditioning
  • EHD Technology
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • Fast Heat Up
  • Digital heat selection
  • Expensive
  • Body get heat
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