Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener (Black)

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Say goodbye to bad-hair days and get silky smooth, manageable locks in a matter of minutes with this Philips KeraShine hair straightener. With its jojoba-infused ceramic plates and ionic conditioning, this hair straightener will not only help you style your hair but also make them smooth to touch.

Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener Price

Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener is one of the most efficient hairs strengthener for the people to make stylish & silky hair. Through this, we can reduce the time for dressing up on complicated hair.

The HP8317 Kerashine Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener is designed with ceramic plates which can heat evenly. The Ceramic Plates will quickly heat up as well works smooth on hair. By using Philips Hair Straightener, you can make your hair straighten and silky like in salon style by yourself

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Lowest Price of Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener in India

  • The HP8317 Philips hair Straightener has swivel cord that can rotate cord in 360 degrees and prevents from tangled wires. It has ceramic plates which flatten the hair with the 210 degrees of professional styling temperature
  • Philips Hair Straightener styling temperature changes the shape of your hair evenly and gives saloon look. The hair will look delighted without going to the salon.
  • HP8317 Philips hair straightener has fast sped up time.
  • This Philips Hair Straightener heats within 60 seconds and ready to give styling temperature. It can run on any universal voltage.
  • The compatible voltage for HP8317 Hair Straightener is 110 to 240 volts. It stretches the hair about 0.5 to 1 inches long and gives you long, smooth and straight Hair.


The HP8317 Philips Hair Straightener Design

  • The HP8317 Philips Hair Straightener has a sleek design which is easy to handle and having less weight. The Philips Hair Straightener weight is 581 grams and compact in size.
  • This Philips hair Straightener is very easy to use. This hair Straightener changes the style and texture of the hair. Instead of going to salons you can change your hair style at home so easily with this HP8317 hair straightener.
  • The power consumption of Philips Kerashine HP8317 Straightener is too low that is 35 watts and voltage ranges about 110 to 240 volts which heat up within 60 seconds.
  • The Philips is giving one years warranty on this HP8317 Kerashine hair Straightener.


Ceramic Plates

  • One of the best advantage with this HP8317 Kerashine hair straightener is it is designed with the ceramic plates.
  • The ceramic plates will heat evenly as well protects the hair from hot spots.
  • The Philips Kerashine hair straightener ceramic plates will heat up quickly and ready for instant straighten. So the time will be saved.
  • This Ceramic Plates stretches the hair and removes the tangled hair.
  • The HP8317 Philips Hair straightener Ceramic plate size is 47*75 mm


Swivel cord

  • The Swivel Cord in the Philips Kerashine hair straightener is very conventional. It rotates the cord in 360 degrees.
  • Thus, Swivel cord prevents the HP8317 Kerashine hair straightener from Unnecessary tangles
  • This Philips hair straightener runs with 210 degrees temperature.
  • The Philips Kerashine hair straightener cord length is 1.8 m.


Fast Heat up Time

  • The Philips Kerashine hair straightener heats up to 210 degrees within 60 seconds.
  • Therefore, this will be ready to Straight the hair within one minute which is very useful thing.
  • Hence, we can straight & style the hair in very less time by this Philips Kerashine hair straightener.


Auto Shut-off

  • The most advanced key feature in this Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener is it has Auto Shut-Off feature.
  • Thus, this Philips hair straightener will automatically off after 60 minutes.



Feature Dual Voltage
Gender Unisex
Warranty Manufacturer Warranty
MPN HP8317
UPC Does not apply

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is this Philips Hair Straightener has Temperature Control System?

No. This hair Straightener does not have Temperature Control System. It works on single temperature.

2) Is this hair straightener can use after any hair cream?

Yes. We can use it after applying any hair cream.

3) How many hours will hair will be straight after the straitening?

The hair will be straightened upto 5-6 hours after Philips Hair straightening

4) Is this HP8317 Philips Hair Straightener can applicable for thick hair

Yes. Obviously, it is best for thick hair also

5) Can we use the Philips hair straightener on wet hair?

Yes. We can use the Philips Straightener on wet hair.

6) Does this HP8317 hair straightener be suitable for men?

Yes. This can apply to men also.

Why Should You Buy Philips Kerashine HP8317 Hair Straightener?

  • The Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener will give salon style look to any hair. It will straight the hair within few minutes
  • The Ceramic plate design will protect the hair from hot spots.
  • The Swivel cord rotate the Philips hair straightener in 360 degrees and prevents the wire from tangles.

Why Should You not Buy HP8317 Philips Hair Straightener?

  • The Philips HP8317 Hair Straightener does not have temperature control feature
  • This Kerashine Philips Hair Straightener is expensive.

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The Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener will give salon style look to any hair. It will straight the hair within few minutes.

Heat Protection
Power Usage
Plate length
  • Ion Technology
  • Ceramic Plates
  • Auto Shut-off
  • Fast heat up
  • Expensive
  • No temperature control
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