Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Trimmer Kit

Rs. 2,490
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Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Trimmer Kit
Philips QG3347 Multi Grooming Trimmer Kit
Rs. 2,490

Head & Face Styling Easily Washable 48integrtdlengthseting Wet and Dry Usage

Philips Multi grooming Trimmer QG3347/15 Kit @ Best Price in India

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If you are searching for the Multi grooming Trimming kit then the Philips QG3347/15 is the best choice to buy. The Philips grooming kit has many Features.

The Features available in this Philips Trimmer is unique and also this Philips Trimmer is the best option among all the trimmers.

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Philips QG3347/15 Multi grooming Trimmer Features

  • Philips Multi grooming kit comes along with the hair clipping comb which offers length settings of 18 different length settings.
  • Thus, you can easily choose your desired settings from the length settings to cut your hair.
  • You can select the length settings from 3 mm to 20 mm with 1 mm difference between each length settings.


Full Size Trimmer

  • Philips Multi Grooming Trimmer QG3347 kit comes with a full sized trimmer which can give you a perfect size and shape to your beard.
  • This trimmer can give you the perfect finishing touch to the edge of your beard
  • Philips QG3347 Trimmer can make fine stubble to enhance your look.


Detail Trimmer

  • The Detail Trimmer of this Philips Multi Grooming Trimmer QG3347 kit helps you to create a very thin line on the edge of your moustache and beard with best perfection and convenience.
  • Thus, with the Detail Trimmer in this QG3347/15 Trimmer, you can wear your own style on your face always.


Beard and Moustache Comb

  • If use this beard and moustache comb with the full-size trimmer, then you can keep your moustache and beard in perfect shape and size without difficulty.
  • Philips Beard and Moustache QG3347/15 Trimmer offers 18 settings, thus you can easily choose any one from the 18 settings which offers in the moustache and beard comb.


Detail Foil Shaver

  • Philips QG3347/15 Trimmer involves a Detail Foil Shaver.
  • This Detail Foil Shaver is designed for a perfect finishing touch once you are finished trimming your beard.
  • Foil Shaver adds a clean and smooth appearance to your face in a very little time.


Stubble Comb

  • Stubble comb in Philips Multi Grooming Trimmer QG3347 Kit enables you to create good looking stubble or 3-day shave instantly.
  • Philips trimmer has stubble comb which offers 12 length settings, that helps you to give a fine cut to your beard.
  • You may choose your required settings with 1 mm difference between each different length settings.


Skin Friendly Trimmer Blades

  • Philips QG3347/15 Trimmer consists of skin friendly trimmer blades which are high efficient which are meant to give you smooth trimming experience and also an enhanced trimming experience.
  • These Skin friendly blades are Chromium Steel blades which give a fine cut to your beard and hair and also these blades take entire care of the skin.
  • Additionally, the Philips QG3347/15 multi grooming trimmer consists of precision blades which are heat-treated that have created with the rounded tips.
  • Rounded tips of the precision blade help the blade in sliding smoothly on even at the curved areas of your face.
  • Moreover, these precision blades are self-sharpening blades that are not required to sharpened at constant intervals, this gives you an optimum performance.



  • Philips QG3347/15 Trimmer is a fully waterproof multi-grooming Trimmer.
  • This waterproof feature of the Philips Trimmer helps to trim your beard and hair not only in dry conditions but also in wet conditions.
  • You can use this Philips multi grooming trimmer safely under the shower also.
  • Additionally, you can easily clean it immediately, after every time you used the trimmer.
  • Keep the trimmer under the running water and it gets cleaned without any effort.


Powerful Battery

  • Philips QG3347/15 Trimmer is a Head and Face groomer which can be used without the power cord and also with the cord.
  • The rechargeable battery in this Philips multi groomer is highly efficient which helps you to groom instantly anywhere and anytime.
  • You have to charge the battery fully for 10 hours and then it gives the running time of the trimmer is 35 minutes.
  • Thus, the charger can conveniently carry with this groomer helps to keep yourself always trimmed.



Sales Package Beard Trimmer, Precision Foilshaver, 12 Setting Stubble Comb, 18 Setting Beard Comb, 18 Setting Hairclipper Comb
Model Number QG3347/15
Model Name All in One Face & Head Styling Multi Groom Series
Ideal For Men
Color Black, Orange
Product Details
Blade Type Self Sharpening
Suitable For Beard
Battery and Power Features
Power Source Battery
Power Required 100 - 240 V
Use Time 35 min
Recharge Time 600 min
Other Details
Length Adjustments Yes
Number of Length Adjustments 48
Number Of Combs 3
Other Features Styling Tools: Precision Foilshaver, 12-setting Stubble Comb, 18-setting Beard Comb, 18-setting Hairclipper Comb, Hairclipping / Facial Styling: Detailed Styling, Goatee, Long Beard, Moustache, Short Beard, Stubble Look
Warranty Summary 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance and Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration. Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Does this Philips grooming trimmer come with Nose hair trimmer?

No. It does not come with the nose trimmer.

2) Is the Philips QG3347/15 Multi grooming works while charging?

No, this Philips trimmer can not be used while charging.

3) Are the blades in this Philips trimmer replacable?

Yes. Blades are replaceable.

4) Does the trimmer shave completely?

Yes. It does.

5) Does the trimmer come with charger?

Yes. It comes with the charger.

6) What is the Hair Trim Length Settings in this Philips trimmer?

Hair Trim Length Settings in this trimmer are 3 – 20 mm.

7) What can i get in the box?

You will get the main unit with 3 combs, travel pouch, 1 cleaning brush, and warranty card.

8) Can i use this trimmer for clean shave?

No. It does not use for the clean shave. Only for trimming.

9) It is a trimmer or shaver?

It is a Trimmer only.

10) How many blades are come with this trimmer?

Only one self-sharpening blade is available with this trimmer.

Why should you buy Philips Multi Grooming QG3347/15 Trimmer Kit?

  • This trimmer helps to full styling for face & head grooming with its multiple attachments.
  • If you have this trimmer then no need to have any expensive haircuts anymore.
  • This trimmer is Perfect for the personal usage.

Why should not you buy Philips Multi Grooming QG3347/15 Trimmer Kit?

  • This trimmer can not be used while charging.
  • The battery of this Philips Multi Grooming trimmer is quickly discharge.

8.5 Total Score

The Philips Multi-Grooming Trimmer QG3347 is an awesome product which gives a stylish trimming without any expenses.

Cordless and Rechargeable
Lock in Length
  • Durable
  • Easy to Carry
  • Attachments
  • Design
  • Battery
  • Do not use while Charging
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