Philips Multi-grooming QG3387/15 Trimmer Kit

Rs. 3,250 Rs. 4,195
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Philips Multi-grooming QG3387/15 Trimmer Kit
Philips Multi-grooming QG3387/15 Trimmer Kit
Rs. 3,250 Rs. 4,195

Philips QG3387 Multigrooming Kit

Philips QG3387/15 Multi-Grooming Kit Best Price @ India

Know the Lowest Price of Philips Grooming Trimmer here on December 17th, 2018. Check the Price List of Philips Multi grooming Trimmer kit. This Trimmer is a price comparison platform. The Best Price of this Philips Multi grooming kit is mentioned here.

This Philips Kit is a Multi-Grooming Trimmer, and it is also a waterproof trimmer. This Philips trimmer is a full metal trimmer and also has a set of 8 attachments which includes the adjustable combs.

These adjustable combs come with the length settings up to 18 length settings which give you a complete style over hair and body.

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Philips Multi grooming Trimmer Kit Features

  • Philips Multi grooming trimmer kit comes with different features.
  • Different features of this Philips Multi grooming kit is mentioned below.
  • Complete your hair style with this Philips Trimmer.


Full Size Detail Trimmer

  • Philips QG3387 Multi-Grooming Kit is a full sized trimmer used for beard trimming and shaping.
  • Along with this Philips Multi-Grooming Trimmer, you can use the comb of moustache and stubble so that it give your moustache and beard a great shape.
  • This Philips trimmer has length settings up to 18 settings on the adjustable comb so that you get the perfect trim length.
  • The adjustable comb with 12 length settings gives your beard and moustache a fine cut.
  • Thus, you may decide the length of your beard with the difference of 1mm length.


Hair Clipping Comb and Hardened Blades

  • Chromium Steel Blades are used in the Philips QG3387 Multi-Grooming Trimmer Kit.
  • These Steel Blades are treat with heat which makes hardened Blades.
  • Round edges of this steel blades for optimum cutting without any irritation and injuring to the skin.
  • You can choose the beard length between 3 mm to 20 mm with hair clipping comb and also the clip away unwanted hair.


Detail Foil Shaver

  • Detail Foil Shaver of this Philips Trimmer gives the final touches to your facial hair after trimming.
  • Accessories like detail and the combined using make this multi-purpose grooming kit and also bring the charm in your personality.
  • All unnecessary hair of your body will be cut away and trim from your body with this trimmer is easy.
  • This Philips Trimmer is easy to use.
  • Philips Multigrooming Trimmer can be used in both wet and dry conditions.


Face and Hair Groomer

  • Philips trimmer is a head and face groomer with a powerful battery.
  • This battery that gives you 50 minutes of cordless use on full charge.
  • It is a portable trimmer.
  • The portable Philips Multi grooming kit is fully waterproof.
  • This Philips Multi Grooming Trimmer can be cleaned instantly by keeping the trimmer under running water without any excess effort.


Cost Effective

  • Philips QG3387 Grooming Kit proves that it to be a great personal tool.
  • So that, you can have this trimmer with yourself without any compromising on your look.

Price history for Philips QG3387/15 All in One Head to Toe Multi Groomer Grooming Kit For Men(Black)
Latest updates:
  • Rs. 3,250 - December 9, 2018
  • Rs. 4,295 - October 5, 2018
  • Rs. 3,534 - September 18, 2018
  • Rs. 4,000 - July 13, 2018
Since: July 13, 2018
  • Highest Price: Rs. 4,295 - October 5, 2018
  • Lowest Price: Rs. 3,250 - December 9, 2018


Sales Package 18 Setting Beard Comb, 12 Setting Stubble Comb, High Perform Detail Trimmer, 18 Setting Hairclipper Comb, Bodygroom Shaver, Body Comb 10 Settings, Nose Trimmer, Precision Foilshaver
Model Number QG3387/15
Model Name All in One Head to Toe Multi Groomer
Ideal For Men
Color Black
Product Details
Blade Type Self Sharpening
Suitable For Beard
Battery and Power Features
Power Source Battery
Power Required 100 - 240 V
Charging Indicator LED
Use Time 50 min
Recharge Time 60 min
Other Details
Length Adjustments Yes
Number of Length Adjustments 58
Number Of Combs 4
Warranty Summary 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance and Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration. Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)  How many attachments I get with this device?

You get 7 attachments with this device.

2) What are the minimum beard settings of Philips Multi grooming kit?

The minimum length setting of this Philips Multi-Grooming Trimmer is 1mm.

3) Does it attach with nose trimmer?

Yes. It has nose trimmer.

4) Can this trimmer is used for body grooming?

Yes, this trimmer can be used for body grooming since the foils present in this trimmer is good.

5) Is the trimmer provide with a charger?

Yes. This trimmer is provided with charger.

6) Is this trimmer is waterproof?

Yes. It is waterproof.

7) Is there any change is available to the charger or needs batteries?

The trimmer has batteries.

8) Is the battery of this Philips trimmer is removable?

No, the battery is not removable.

9) Is it both cordless and cord?

No. It is only cordless.

10) What is the default cut the length of this trimmer without the comb?

This product has default cut length is 1mm.

Why should you buy Philips QG3387 Multi-Grooming Trimmer kit?

  • This Philips Multi grooming Trimmer kit is used for many functions.
  • It has a significant advantage that it comes with the various precision and clipper.

Why should not you buy Philips QG3387 Multi-Grooming Trimmer kit?

  • Philips Multi-Grooming Trimmer vibrates a lot and makes a little loud sound also.
  • The user manual in this pack does not specify precisely.
  • The steel blades are self-sharpening, so you will feel a bit stingy if you use it in sensitive areas.

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