Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT4000 /15

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Ruining your moneymaker, aka your face, because of a low-quality trimmer is the worst feeling ever. Instead, you can invest in this Philips trimmer and ensure that you have a smooth, precise and neat trimming experience each time.

Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT 4000/15 Best Price @ India

Men in stiff hair growing looks extraordinary cool and also have a natural charm to them. The Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer is the Best option in the trimmers. The Latest Price List of Philips Advanced Trimmer is available here.

Know the Lowest price of the Philips Pro Skin Trimmer. To groom yourself you should buy the new Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4000 Trimmer for trimming and maintaining that disorderly beard into a great look. Check the Best Price of the Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4000 /15 Trimmer here.

Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer Features

  • This Trimmer is Simple and easy to use with good features.
  • Philips Trimmer must have in your grooming kit to simplify your work.
  • Professionals use this Philips trimmer for both men and women at any place.
  • It can be used in the workplace also, as a tool to ease their work.
  • Professionals recommended this Philips Trimmer as an everyday use tool.



  • Philips Trimmer is made from a good quality plastic in black colour with the blue outlines and profiles.
  • This Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer has an elegant look and also good & strong body.
  • Philips Trimmer has high-quality stainless steel blades which meant for dry use and very handy base to hold.
  • The Philips trimmer is very easy to clean, detach the head and rinse the trimmer under the tap for easy cleaning.
  • Dry the trimmer before you put it back on the appliance.


Ergonomic Grip and Precision Tim

  • The Philips Advanced QT 4000 Trimmer gives a great shape to the beard with its 1-millimetre precision blade.
  • The Philips Trimmer helps to trim your beard smoothly to the desired finish.
  • The convenient handle gives total control while trimming your beard.
  • Philips Trimmer gives an efficient optimum trimming in a short time.


Rounded Stainless Steel Blades and Trim Length

  • For the smooth skin, the stainless steel blades of Philips Advanced Trimmer have sharp edges with rounded edges so that the trimmer contact the areas effectively and prevent irritation.
  • You can attain very fast cutting off your facial hair with this Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer within no time.
  • Length setting range of 1 mm to 10 mm is present in this Philips Trimmer and also consists of 10 length setting options.
  • Thus, You can lock the selected length this makes the trimming hair uniformly throughout with the selected length.


Powerful Battery and Detachable Head

  • Philips QT 4000 Advanced Trimmer has a powerful battery for cordless operation.
  • The battery of the Philips Trimmer approximately 45 minutes without any cord if you charge for 10 hours.
  • Philips QT4000 /15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer has a detachable head which makes the cleaning easy.
  • The power consumption of this dual voltage trimmer allows the usage all across the world without any irritation.
  • Light on the adaptor of trimmer is green when charging for indication of charging.


Groom Everyday

  • This Philips Trimmer is an efficient Trimmer and one product from the vast collection of grooming products.
  • It is a reliable and trustworthy product recommended by many people in the fashion field.
  • This Philips rechargeable trimmer comes with a warranty of 2 Years.



Model Number QT4000 /15
Model Name Pro Skin Advanced
Ideal For Men
Color Black
Product Details
Trimmer Type Beard
Blade Type Stainless Steel Blade
Shaving Head Type Detachable Head and Washable Head
Battery and Power Features
Power Source Battery, Electricity
Power Required 100 - 240 V
Number of Batteries 1
Battery Type Ni-MH
Battery Size AAA
Charging Indicator Yes
Use Time 35 min
Recharge Time 600 min
Other Details
Length Adjustments Yes
Number of Length Adjustments 10
Cutter Width 32 mm
Maintenance Cleaning Brush, Stubble Comb
Warranty Type 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
Warranty Summary 2 Years Philips India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance and Additional 1 Year Extended Warranty Through Online Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the Philips Advanced Trimmer durable?

Yes, the Philips rechargeable trimmer is durable.

2) Is the trimmer is easy to use?

Yes. This Trimmer is easy to use.

3) Is this trimmer is waterproof?

Yes. This Philips trimmer water heater has waterproof.

4) Can this Philps Pro Skin Advanced trimmer use for nose hair trim?

No. This Rechargeable Philips trimmer is only for beard and moustache trimming.

5) Is this both Trimmer and Shaver?

Yes, It is both trimmer and shaver.

6) Are the Blades are replaceable?

Yes. The Blades of the Philips Trimmer are replaceable.

7) What are the attachments in this box?

This Philips Advanced Trimmer comes with the Philips Trimmer, Charger, Cleaning brush.

8) Is it use for leg hair?

Yes, This Trimmer is used for leg hair.

9) Can this trimmer used by women?

Yes. This Trimmer is used for both men and women.

10) How long will the battery of the trimmer last?

The Battery of the Philips Rechargeable trimmer comes with good battery life.

Why should you buy Philips Pro Skin Advanced QT4000 /15 Trimmer QT 4000/15?

  • This Philips QT4000 /15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer can be used for both men and women.
  • You can trim tour beard at home quickly.

Why should not you buy Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer QT 4000/15?

  • Charging of the battery of the Philips trimmer does not remain for a long period.
  • Blade quality is not so good for this Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer.

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Excellent Product...

The Philips Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer is a nice product which gives an excellent look. it is easy to carry and use.

Cordless and Rechargeable
Lock-in Length
  • Durable
  • Easy to Use
  • Detachable Head
  • Easy to Clean
  • Battery
  • Quality
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