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Are you searching for a manual gas stove with high utility at an affordable price? Stop searching! Here is the Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS Manual gas stove which is incredibly versatile.

The Prestige GTM 04 gas stove can be affordable by anyone. With this gas stove, you can do cooking very quickly. Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove is one of the new models of glass top gas tables from Prestige.

This Prestige GTM04 is designed very thoughtfully so that it does not consume more counter top space. The ignition system in this Prestige GTM04 gas stove is manual.

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Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS Stove Lowest Price Online

  • The Prestige GTM04 glass top gas table is a high powered four burner gas table. These four burners are made up of brass material. Because of these multiple burners, you can cook multiple dishes fastly and efficiently.
  • Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove have ergonomic knobs so that you can easily on/off the gas stove. This Prestige Marvel gas stove comes with a shatter-proof toughened glass top for easy cleaning.
  • The Prestige company provides two years warranty for the Prestige Marvel GTM04 gas stove. Since the burners are made up of brass material, these have a long life and also corrosion resistant.


Basic Design of Prestige GTM 04 SS Stove

  • Prestige Marvel GTM04 gas stove is made of high-quality stainless steel material.
  • This 4 burners stove has a toughened glass top for easy cleaning.
  • The Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove is designed to offer long-lasting performance for many years.
  • Check the latest price of Prestige GTM04 SS online on September 22nd, 2018.
  • The average weight and dimensions of this stove are 13 kgs and 68 x 59 x 15.5 cms.


Brass Burners of the Prestige Marvel Gas Table

  • High-powered Brass burners are used in the Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove. There are four burners – 2 small and 2 large.
  • As there are four burners in Prestige Gas Stove, you can cook multiple food items at a time very quickly.
  • A good grade brass material used for making burners, so these burners lasts long and resistant from corrosion.


Base of Prestige GTM04 Marvel Gas Stove

  • The Prestige Marvel gas stove comes with a stainless steel metal base.
  • This stove can withstand heavy kitchen utensils very easily and quickly due to the presence of the metal base.
  • Since the base of Prestige GTM04 Stove is of stainless steel material there is no chance of rusting.


Ergonomic Knobs

  • In this Prestige Marvel GTM04 stove, the knobs are ergonomically designed.
  • These knobs provide safe cooking and easy on/of operation.


Spill Trays of Prestige Marvel GTM04 stove

  • This Prestige gas stove has discharge trays.
  • The spill trays collect the spills and overflows and make the cooktop elegant and clean.


Pan Support

  • The Prestige Marvel GTM04 gas stove offers an incredible pan support on the stove.
  • This pan support provides great efficiency to the gas stove.



Frequently Asked Questions


1) How many burners are present on Prestige GTM04 ?

Ans: The Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove has four burners. Two small and two large burners.

2) Does Prestige Marvel GTM04 has auto ignition?

Ans: No, the ignition for Prestige Marvel is manual ignition.

3) Where does the gas tube connector for Prestige Marvel GTM04 present, on the side or back ?

Ans: The gas tube connector is present at the back side of the Prestige GTM04 Gas stove.

4) What is the material of Prestige Marvel gas stove?

Ans: The GTM04 Prestige gas stove is made with Stainless steel material.

5) What is the warranty of Prestige GTM04 SS stove ?

Ans: The Prestige company gives a 2-year warranty on GTM04 SS gas stove.

6) What does the material used for burners?

Ans: The Prestige GTM04 burners are made with the brass material.

7) What is the type of cooktop?

Ans: GTM04 SS Prestige gas stove comes with Toughened glass cook-top, which is easy to clean.

8) What are the dimensions and weight of Prestige Marvel GTM04 SS stove?

Ans: The dimensions and weight of Prestige gas stove are 585*565*85 mm and 13 kg weight respectively.

Why should you buy Prestige Marvel GTM 04 SS stove?

  • With the Prestige GTM04 gas stove, you can cook four different dishes simultaneously.
  • You can easily clean stains on Prestige gas stove because of the toughened glass cook-top.
  • Prestige Marvel gas stove is less prone to rust due to stainless steel material.

Why Should You not Buy Prestige Marvel GTM04 stove?

  • You need to ignite burners manually by using a lighter because the Prestige GTM04 SS doesn’t come with automatic ignition.
  • Prestige has a drip tray, which is non-detachable.

8.5 Total Score

The Prestige Marvel GTM04 SS Gas stove has a stylish look which helps you cooking four different dishes at a time.

  • Cooks four dishes at a time
  • Easy to clean
  • Toughened glass cooktop
  • High-efficiency burners
  • No Automatic Ignition
  • Drip tray is non-removable
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