2300 Lumens Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector

Rs. 31,900
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2300 Lumens Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector
2300 Lumens Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector
Rs. 31,900

Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector Latest Price @ India

Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector is an economic projector mainly used for classroom and office purpose. By using this Sony projector, the user can view presentation slides, PC documents, images and videos on a big screen.

The Sony VPL-DX 102 has advanced modes for energy saving purpose such as auto light mode and auto light dimming mode. Maximum projection distance is 25mins.

It attracts users with its stylish and simple design. The resolution of the Sony projector is 1024 x 768 pixels which will ideally match your laptop/ desktop resolution.

Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector Lowest Price Online

  • Sony VPL-DX is one of the best projector which is easy to use and reliable projector.
  • Below are the features, that are to be considered before purchasing a projector which includes design, Brightness, resolution of the screen, the technology used in the projector.
  • 3LCD Sony projector has high color reproductivity which gives better colors when displaying content.
  • The Sony 2300 lumens VPL-DX 102 projector is an easily controlled device because of its simple design.



  • The Sony VPL-DX 102 has a simple design and packed with various features.
  • Sony VPL-DX 102 projector is a lightweight projector weighs around 2.5kgs.
  • This is a compact projector which you can carry either to the classroom or an office easily.
  • The speaker present inside the Sony VPL-DX projector is a 1W monaural speaker.



  • This Sony VPL-DX 102 projector uses 3LCD Bright Era technology.
  • This 3LCD technology gives bright and high-quality colorful projection on walls or screens.
  • The Sony VPL-DX 102 has XGA (1024 x 768) 4:3 screen resolution.



  • Brightness is a considerable factor before buying a projector.
  • For an ideal projector the brightness should be in between 2000 to 4000 lumens.
  • The brightness of Sony VPL-DX 102 projector is 2300 lumens, which is ideal for classroom and office meetings.


Picture modes

  • Sony VPL-DX 102 projector allows the user to select 6-various pictures modes namely Dynamic, Standard, Presentation, Blackboard, Game, and Cinema.


Eco-friendly projector

  • Sony 102 projector has advanced energy saving modes to save power. The Auto light dimming mode will conserve energy when the projector is not used for a while.
  • While the projector is ON, the auto lamp mode will automatically adjust the brightness according to the light inside the room.
  • Due to the long-lasting lamp of 10,000 hours, this Sony 102 Projector is an energy efficient projector.



Frequently Asked Questions


1)What is the Screen resolution ?

Ans: Sony Projector has XGA (1024 x 768) screen resolution.

2)Can I connect Sony VPL-DX 102 with the desktop ?

Ans: Yes, you can connect Sony VPL-DX with the desktop.

3) What is the brightness of the Sony VPL-DX 102 projector ?

Ans: The brightness of this Sony Projector has 2300 lumens.

4) What are the accessories that I can get with this device ?

Ans: The accessories you will get are VGA connector, power cable, remote control.

5) What is the warranty on the product ?

Ans: Sony company gives one year warranty for the projector; all parts are covered under this warranty.

6) What is the lamp life of Sony projector?

Ans: The lamp life of Sony DX 102 Projector is 10,000 hours.

7) What is the type of lamp inside Sony DX-102 Projector?

Ans: The type of the lamp in Sony 102 protector is Ultra high-pressure mercury lamp.

Why should you buy Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector ?

  • Sony 102 VPL has advanced energy saving modes. It is a light-weight projector which you can carry into classroom or office conveniently.
  • Sony offers 6 picture modes to select most suitable picture/brightness combination.
  • The brightness for Sony is 2300 projector which is great and sufficient even for large auditoriums.

Why should not buy Sony VPL-DX 102 Projector ?

  • Sony VPL Doesn’t have WiFi option.
  • You can only zoom upto 1.2x.

8.5 Total Score

The Sony VPL -DX102 Projector is most suitable for your home and classroom purpose which has advanced energy modes.

Energy saving
  • Light-weight projector
  • Advanced energy modes
  • Offers more Brightness
  • High-quality colorful projection
  • No WiFi option
  • Zoom upto 1.2x only
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