Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

Rs. 1,039 Rs. 1,699
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Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater
Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater
Rs. 1,039 Rs. 1,699

SAFETY DEVICE Safety tip over switch cuts off the heater incase it tilts or falls. POWDER COATED FINISH Pwder coated finish to prevent corrosion. ENERGY SAVER Low power consumption. HEATING POSITIONS There are two heating positions to suit your comfort. CORD STORAGE FACILITY Power cord can be...

Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater

In Winter and Rainy seasons, the weather becomes very Cool. To save yourself from cold and being comfortable at least at your house Usha Room heaters are the solution.

Among different Room Heaters, Usha Room Heater QH 3002 is the best option which you can use in regions where the temperature falls below 5 degrees Celsius.This heater belongs to Quartz type of room heaters.

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Usha Room Heater (QH 3002) @ Best Price in India

  • The Usha QH 3002 Room Heater belongs to Infrared radiant type room heater.
  • It is mainly designed for the low power consumption.
  • QH 3002 Room Heater is a lightweight and compact unit which can be easily installed in any corner of your house.
  • The design of the Usha QH 3002 Room Heater is sleek and corrosion resistant.
  • There are many features are present in these heaters. They are explained below in detail



  • The dimensions of the Usha QH 3002 Room Heater are 300 x 150 mm. The weight of QH 3002 Heater is 6 Kg. It is in a rectangular shape.
  • There are 2 heating positions. Based on your requirement and comfort the Usha Room Heater can be placed. The Powder coated finish prevent the heater from corrosion.
  • This increase the lifetime of the appliance. With the compact and sleek design, this room heater is easy to place in any corner of your room.
  • A power cord is given along with the heater to store conveniently when the device is not in use.
  • Usha QH 3002 is a radiant type room heater which works like a camp fire. It provides heat only to single person or only for a small room.

Usha Qh - 3002 Quartz Halogen Room Heater

Safe and Effective Heating

  • To warm up any room in your home irrespective of outside weather Usha Room Heater is perfect.
  • For safety purpose, this heater has a tip – over switch which automatically removes the current.
  • This feature prevents the device from overheating.



  • There are three modes – High, Normal, and Low.
  • You have to select the particular mode as per your requirements.


Power efficient

  • The Usha Room heaters are energy efficient compared to other room heaters.
  • This electric room heater is specially designed such that it consumes less power thereby decrease in electricity bill also.
  • They use 400 – 800 Watt power, and operating Voltage is 230 V.
  • Single phase 50 Hz AC Supply is sufficient to run Usha QH 3002 room heater.
  • If the room heaters consume more power, it will emit less heat. So Usha Room Heaters emits very less heat.

Feature of Usha Halogen Room Heater (Hindi) (1080p HD)

Feature of Usha QH 3002 Quartz Room Heater • Weight : 2.1 Kg • Power : 400 and 800 watts; Operating voltage : 230 volts • It comes with a safety switch that ...


Humidity and Oxygen Levels

  • These Usha Room heater burns oxygen to make the room warm.
  • So they reduce the Oxygen levels and humidity.
  • Less moisture leads to blockage of nose.
  • To overcome this problem, you must keep a bucket of water in the corner of your room.


Other features

  • The additional features of the Usha Room Heaters are it takes very less time to heat, the noise level is low, less price, and energy efficient.
  • The tip over switch feature provides automatic overheat protection.
  • When the Usha Room heater QH 3002 temperature reaches a threshold level, you have to shut off the heater.
  • The Timer in the Usha Heaters lets you set the heater to turn on or off at a predetermined time.
  • Multiple heat modes help you to set the settings like low temperature, medium temperature, and high temperature.



  • If you have to travel somewhere to the cold countries, you do not expect to have a heater there.
  • In that Situation, you can carry Usha QH 3002 Room heater to that place.
  • These Usha Room heaters are portable.



Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do I need to shut off manually when the temperature of the room gets hot ?

Yes. There is no automatic button in this type of heater. You must turn off tip over switch.

2) What is the capacity of Socket required for Usha QH 3002 Room Heater ?

3 pin plug is sufficient for this room heater.

3) Does it rotate like a fan ?

No, it does not have rotating feature.

4) With what material body is made off ?

Grills are made of stainless steel, and the body is made of plastic

5) Is there any Warranty for Usha Room Heater QH 3002 ?

Yes. Usha Company gives warranty of 2 years.

6) Is it suitable for large rooms?

No, This QH 3002 is not suitable for large rooms.

7) How many heating positions are there?

There are 3 heating positions in Usha Room heaters.

Why should you buy Usha Room Heaters?

  • The design of this QH 3002 Usha Room heaters is Sleek and corrosion resistant.
  • Usha QH 3002 Room Heater has many advanced features.
  • This heater is an excellent option for the small family or a single person.
  • These type of heaters consume half electricity than fan heaters consume.

Why should you not buy Usha Room Heaters?

  • If you have children in your house, the use of Usha Room Heater is not safe.
  • There is no child lock feature in these type of heaters.
  • This Usha QH 3002 heater is not suitable for a large room.

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